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Edgar Degas – The Complete Sculptures Collection

Evagoras & Kathleen Lanitis Foundation


Woman Rubbing Her Back with a Sponge,

Dancer at rest, Hands on Her Hips,Right Leg Forward, first study

Dancer Grande Arabesque, third time

Rearing Horse

Horse Balking

Seated Woman Wiping Her Neck

Dancer Putting on Her Stocking, First Study,

Dancer Looking at the Sole of Her Right Foot

The Tub,

The Masseuse

Woman Seated in an Armchair Wiping Her Left Side

Seated Woman Wiping Her Left Hip,

Head, Large Study for Portrait of Madame S.,

Woman Getting Out of Bath

Woman Taken Unawares

The Schoolgirl,

Woman Washing Her Left Leg, first study

Dancer, Fourth Position Front on Left Leg, first study,

Portrait, Head Resting on One Hand

Dancer, Arabesque over Right Leg, Left Arm in Line

Draft Horse

Study of a Horse (the ears are missing)

Dancer Putting on Her Stocking, last study,

Woman Washing Her Left Leg, second study

Spanish Dance,first study,

Picking Apples

Prancing Horse

Dancer Bowing

Dancer at Rest, Hands on Hips, Left Leg Forward

Dressed Dancer at Rest,

Dancer at Rest, Hands on Her Lower Back

Study in the Nude for Dressed Dancer

Woman Arranging Her Hair,

Pregnant Woman

Horse Walking with Foot Raised,

Dancer with Tambourine

Dancer Moving Forwards, Arms Raised,

Horse Standing

Dancer Moving Forward, Arms Raised

Dancer, Grand Arabesque, second time

Woman Stretching

Little Dancer of Fourteen Years



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