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Frederick University is one of the largest private universities operating in the Republic of Cyprus a full member state of the European Union. It is well respected both nationally and internationally for offering undergraduate and graduate programs of study that lead to recognized degrees. The University operates from two campuses one in the capital of the island Nicosia and the other from the second largest city, Limassol. Frederick University is the only private university to operate from two campuses.

The mission of Frederick University is to provide learning opportunities through teaching and research in the fields of science, technology, letters and the arts, to promote intercultural dialogue and contribute to the wider social context in general[1].


Although Frederick University was formally established as a university in 2007 it has a long history in higher education. The organisation was first established in 1965 as the 'Nicosia Technical and Economics School' and has since 1975 offered higher education programs of study (2-year diplomas, 4-year bachelor and 1 year master) as Frederick Institute of Technology. As a college of higher education it had established collaborations with a number of UK universities for jointly offering two-year diploma programs. Until 2005 the college has 38 educational programs accredited[2] by the Council for Educational Evaluation-Accreditation of Cyprus, the governmental body responsible accreditation of colleges.

With the Cyprus law for private universities coming into effect, FIT applied to established Frederick University. The application was evaluated by the (Evaluation Committee for Private Universities) and Frederick University was one of the first three private universities granted a license to operate from September 2007[3].

Areas of concentration

Frederick University aims to provide programs of study the enable its graduates to compete in the job market; all its programs of study are associated with future professional career paths. The university focuses on providing prospective students with a wide range of academic programs to choose from covering several fields so as to enable a student to select a program of study that matches his/her aspirations.

The university operates six Schools under which are a number of Departments that offer various academic programs:

* School of Architecture, Fine and Applied Arts
* School of Economic Sciences and Administration
* School of Education
* School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
* School of Health Sciences
* School of Humanities and Social Sciences


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