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The Cyprus Institute of Marketing' (CIMA) was established in 1978 and is situated in Nicosia and Limassol. It is registered with the Cyprus Ministry of Education[5] [6] and is among the older tertiary education providers in Cyprus. In addition to marketing, CIMA offers programs in tourism, banking, insurance, and computer & financial studies. It operates a membership association and awards its own recognised Diplomas, Advanced Diploma, Bachelors, a Post Graduate Diploma and an MBA.

In 1984, a daughter school was opened in Limassol, the second largest city in Cyprus.
Diplomas are also awarded through local entres around the world and through distance-learning by The Cyprus Institute of Marketing Ltd (Reg BVI).
The reason it is called an Institute of Marketing is not that it only offers marketing programs, as a matter of fact it offers many diverse programs such as Shipping, Banking, Insurance etc (see courses available) but it chose this name because CUM firmly believes that all areas of business should have a marketing orientation. What is the use of having a well organized Banking corporation if it has no satisfied customers? The same applies in the case of a shipping or an insurance company.The demand for professionals with advanced qualifications is rapidly increasing throughout the world. The knowledge available to man is compounding at an astronomical rate and professionals only a few years out of College are often «out-of-date» with new technology, new social responsibilities, new ideas. Continuing education is virtually mandatory for success.Perhaps more difficult, is the continuing demand for time… the student's time; to meet career goals, to meet family needs… even to relax occasionally from the pressures of today’s society.The CIM’s programs are designed to fit within these many demanding parameters, to provide you with needed educational exposure and society-demanded recognition for study, all within the framework of your personal career, family and physical needs.

Today it is considered as a pioneer in business education and characterised as a Global Leader in Higher Education. It's founder and D-G, Prof. Theo Hadjiyannis is regarded among academic circles as the 'Father of Marketing' in Cyprus.

The institute is associated with The Chartered Institute of Marketing, in the UK, and accredited to offer its courses in Cyprus [7]. CIMA also collaborates with Northampton University UK[8], London School of Management, UK[9], Essex College, UK[10], Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia[11],the International School of Business Studies, UK[12]
and many other Institutions both in Europe and the US.

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