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Basic materials

Cyprus Mines Corporation, defunct mining

Consumer goods

Kaisis Motor Company, vehicles
KEO Ltd, beverage company
Leon Beer, brewery

See also: List of banks in Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus, bank
Cyprus Development Bank, bank
Cyprus Popular Bank, bank
Cyprus Stock Exchange, exchange
Eurofast, accounting
FxPro, brokerage
Hellenic Bank, bank
Penta, private investments
Pevex Management Ltd, financial services
TFIFX, financial services
Universal Life (Cyprus), insurance


Austrian Lloyd Ship Management, shipping
Imperio Properties, real estate development
J&P (Joannou & Paraskevaides)
Leptos Estates, property development


IMH Ltd, mass media
Moufflon Publications an independent press based in Nicosia

Oil & gas



METRO (supermarket), originated in and operations limited to Cyprus
Woolworths (Cyprus)


Cyprus Internet Exchange
CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority)
IPTP Networks (Fredonia Trading Ltd)
MTN Cyprus
PrimeTel PLC
Telepassport Telecommunications

Travel & leisure
See also: List of airlines of Cyprus

Cyprus Airways, national airline
Louis Cruise, cruise line


Electricity Authority of Cyprus


* Leptos Estates

* Pandomus Property Developers
* Conelectric Engineering Ltd
* Steelway Constructions & Developments Ltd
* J&P (Joannou & Paraskevaides)
* Goldenland Golden Land Developers LTD
* G&V Hadjidemosthenous Ltd G&V Hadjidemosthenous LTD
* Melford Services Ltd
* NorthernLAND Cyprus LTD NorthernLAND Cyprus LTD
* Makri Brothers - Personnel company


* Aquamare Beach Hotel & Spa
* Anasa
* Aphrodite hills hotel
* Four Seasons Beach Hotel
* Holiday Inn
* Arsinoe Beach
* Kanika Pantheon
* Atlantiva Beach Resort
* Tsokkos Hotels

Real Estate Advertising

* Georepa Estate Agents


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