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Idol of Pomos.

The Idol of Pomos, is a prehistoric sculpture from the Cypriot village of Pomos. It dates back to the Chalcolithic period, circa the 30th century BC.

Nowadays it is on display in the Cyprus Archeological Museum in Nicosia.


The sculpture represents a woman with her arms spread. It was probably used as a fertility symbol. Large numbers of this kind of sculptures were found in Cyprus. Smaller versions were worn as amulets around the neck.


In 2008 Cyprus adopted the euro. The Idol, as a good example of Cypriot prehistoric art, was chosen to be displayed on the Cypriot euro coins of 1 and 2 euro.

Idol of Pomos in "History of Cyprus", Augusta, Stylianou

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Cyprus Idol Of Pomos Art - Cyprus Idol of Pomos by Augusta Stylianou

Cyprus Idol of Pomos

Augusta Stylianou