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Nyilasy Sándor or Nyilassy Sándor




Nyilasy Sándor (Szeged, 2 December 1873 - Szeged, January 6, 1934) Hungarian painter.


In 1891 he began his studies in the School of Decorative Arts in Budapest. In 1893 he became a student at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, and in 1894 and 1895 Hollósy Simon attended a private school in Munich. In 1896, the Academy Julian in Paris where he met John Thorma . In 1899 he settled in Szeged. From then until his death created in Szeged, Hook and Tapen

Artistic career

At the beginning of his art career briefly Hollósy Simon, Munkácsy and John Towers, and over the years Baia Mare Károly Ferenczy affected, but quickly evolved personal style. Features impressionistic landscapes showing participated in the first four Nagybánya exhibition in Budapest. Szeged avoiding like the surrounding landscape and the people of observer approach developed the art of plein air. In addition to the naturalistic landscapes painted in people's living pictures, in which the villagers are mostly rest on Sunday, celebrating attire, the girl's pink shapes typical folk portrayed. In 1907, pictures of Sunday was awarded the prize Lipótváros Casino. The student also Hollósy Louis Karolyi addition to the first third of the twentieth century was the most well-known painter in Szeged. Almost every year the exhibition featured in the Art Gallery in Budapest, but the first solo exhibition at the age of only forty-seven, in the spring of 1920, organized by the Szeged Hotel in Kass. In 1927, his student, organized an exhibition together with Margit Balogh, also in Szeged. In 1929 he won the National Society of Fine Arts prize. After his death in Szeged a large exhibition was organized . Most of his works are in the Hungarian National Gallery and the Mora Ferenc Museum in Szeged .

His main works

The sower
Returning row
Portrait of John Reizner
lowland spring
In the garden
Girls' pink dress

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