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Mayna Treanor Avent (1868–1959) was an American painter.


Early life

Mayna Treanor Avent was born on September 17, 1868 in Nashville, Tennessee.[1][2][3]

Her father was Thomas O. Treanor and her mother, Mary Andrews Treanor.[1] She grew up at Tulip Grove, an antebellum mansion opposite Andrew Jackson's The Hermitage.[1][2] She studied painting at the Cincinnati Art Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio and at the Académie Julian in Paris, France for two years.[1][2][4]

Mayna Treanor Avent Studio

She taught painting in Nashville, and exhibited her oil and watercolour paintings in Massachusetts, South Carolina and Tennessee.[1][2] She often painted in what is now known as the Mayna Treanor Avent Studio on the Jake's Creek Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Elkmont, Tennessee.[5]

She was a member of the Nashville Studio Club, the Nashville Artists Guild, and the Centennial Club.[1][2]

She spent her last three years with her son in Sewanee, Tennessee.[1][2]


In 1891, she married Frank Avent, a lawyer for the State Railroad Commissioner from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.[1][2] They had a son, James Avent (1895–1995).

She died on January 2, 1959.[1][3]

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