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Jean-Pierre Saint-Ours

The Reunion of Cupid and Psyche Print by Jean-Pierre Saint-Ours

The Reunion of Cupid and Psyche

Caius Furius Cressinus Accused of Sorcery Print by Jean-Pierre Saint-Ours

Caius Furius Cressinus Accused of Sorcery


Standing female nude with mirror

Portrait of a young woman

Jean-Pierre Saint-Ours (4 April 1752 – 6 April 1809) was a Swiss painter. Jean-Pierre was born in Geneva, Switzerland. He began studying with his father Jacques (1708–1773) who was himself a renowned painter. He continued his studies in Paris, in 1769, with Joseph-Marie Vien. In 1780, he obtained the Prix de Rome, but was denied a place at the French Academy in Rome, because of nationality issues and he began the journey at his own expense. In 1792, Saint-Ours was forced to return to his homeland due to the events of Revolution.

On 6 April 1809 he died in Geneva. His works may be seen in several museums, including the Louvre, in Paris, and the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire of Geneva.


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