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Herodias (Greek: Ηρωδιάς, Hērōdiás; c. 15 BCE — after 39 CE) was a princess of the Herodian Dynasty of Judaea during the time of the Roman Empire.

Family relationships

She was the daughter of Aristobulus IV and his wife Berenice.
Her first husband was the son of Herod the Great and his third wife, Mariamne II.
Her mother Berenice was the daughter of Herod's sister Salome I, and of Costabarus, governor of Idumea.
Full sister to Herod V (king of Chalkis), Herod Agrippa (king of Judea), Aristobulus Minor, and Mariamne III (wife of Crown Prince Antipater and, after his execution by Herod the Great, she was possibly the first wife of Herod Archelaus, principal heir of Herod the Great and ethnarch of Judea).
Daughter-in-law of Herod the Great, twice: once by marriage to his son, Herod II, and again by marriage to another son, Herod Antipas.

Herodias Painting - Herodias by Francesco Cairo

Herodias, Francesco Cairo


Herodias, Peter Paul Rubens

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