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Francesco Jacovacci

 Painting - In The Nursery by Francesco Jacovacci

In The Nursery

Francesco Jacovacci (1840–1908) was an Italian painter, often painting historical canvases and costume genre pieces.

Birth of a Prince, 1876, Brooklyn Museum

He was born in Rome. He was a pupil of Alessandro Capalti and Alessandro Marini. Jacovacci collaborated with Cesare Fracassini in completing the frescoes for the church of San Lorenzo fuori le Mura. His paintings were often sold through the Goupil gallery.[1] Jacovacci won an award at 1880 Turin National Exposition with the painting of Michelangelo davanti dalla salma di Vittoria Colonna (Michelangelo before the body of his mistress Vittoria Colonna)[2][3] Among other works are The Gondola (1876).[4] Jacovacci died in Rome in 1908.


Michelangelo davanti dalla salma di Vittoria Colonna, 1880

The Letter, 1889

Michelangelo Meets Vittoria Colonna

Addio al Passato, 1877, GAM, Milan

In the Nursery

Last Day of the Venetian Republic, 1888


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Michelangelo davanti dalla salma di Vittoria Colonna is found in Capodimonte Museum, Naples.
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Painting of The Gondola in British collections.


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