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Costanzo Angelini, L'astronomo Piazzi 1825 ca

The astronomer Piazzi

Angelini - Maria Carolina of Austria

Portrait of Maria Carolina of Austria (1752-1814), Queen of Naples

Costanzo Angelini (Santa Giusta, Rieti, 1760 - Naples, 1853) was an Italian painter, engraver, and restorer of the Neoclassical style.


While in Rome, he became of follower or Giovanni Volpato and Raffaello Morghen, and when he moved to Naples in 1790, he became popular for his Neoclassic paintings. He is known for having engraved the Greek Vases of the Hamilton collection (1795). He was patronized as a portrait painter by the aristocracy and court. He became superintendent and restorer for the Museo Borbonico (1813). He became a professor of design with the Neapolitan Real Accademia delle Belle Arti; in 1841, he was secretary to the Academy. Filippo Balbi and Michele de Napoli were among his pupils. His son, Tito Angelini, became a sculptor, who followed the Neoclassic-Romantic style of Canova. His daughter Teresa Angelini (born 1803) was also a painter.[1] Among his pupils was Giuseppe Marsigli.


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Vasi dipinti del museo Vivenzio disegnati da Costanzo Angelini nel 1798

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