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Catarina Ykens II or Catharina Ykens (born 1659) was a Flemish still life painter.

She was born in Antwerp into a family of painters as the daughter of Johannes Ykens and his second wife Barbara Brekevelt. She was the sister of Peter Ykens.[1] She apprenticed under her father and joined the Antwerp Guild in 1688.[2] She became a Beguine and composed oil paintings.[3] Her works often combined religious scenes with garlands of flowers.[4]

Selected works

A swag of fruit hanging in a niche, with butterflies, beetles and a snail
Madonna and child encompassed by a garland of flowers
Flowers in a glass vase with a dragonfly on a ledge
Portrait of a gentleman in armour surrounded by festoons of fruit and flowers
Still life with flowers in copper vase and in basket


Catarina Ykens in the RKD
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