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Antonio Franchi (1638–1709) was an Italian painter of the 17th century, active mainly in Florence and Lucca.

Born in Villa Basilica, he is also called Il Lucchese. Initially training in Lucca with Domenico Ferrucci, he moved for over a decade (1655–67) to Florence, to work with Felice Ficherelli and Baldassare Franceschini. He rerurned to Lucca for seven years, and then moved back to Florence, where he worked for under first Strozzi, then Medici patronage. In 1683 he was admitted to the Accademia dell'Arte del Disegno. He died in Florence. His paintings have the porcelain crispness of design, characteristic of Carlo Dolci; and some the sensuality of a Francesco Furini.

He painted a San Giovanni Gualberto in prayer for the Chapel of the saint in the Vallombrosa Abbey.[1] He painted a Madonna and Bambino for the church of Santa Marta in Montopoli.[2]

He also published a text on the practice and materials of painting titled: La Teorica della Pittura. It was dedicated to the Cavaliere Francesco Niccolo Gabburri. It also regales observations on prior and contemporary Italian painters.[3]


Vallombrosa abbey. Archived July 7, 2007, at the Wayback Machine.
Chiesa Conservatorio di Santa Marta.
La Teorica della Pittura ovvero Trattato delle Materie piu Necessarie per apprendere con fondamento Quest'Arte., by Antonio Franchi Lucchese, Publisher: Salvatore e Giandomenico Marescandoli, Florence (1739).


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