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Washington Sea Eagle, John James Audubon

Eagle Painting - Pair Of Golden Eagles by Archibald Thorburn

Pair Of Golden Eagles, Archibald Thorburn

Eagle Painting - Psyche And The Eagle Of Zeus by Natale Schiavoni

Psyche And The Eagle Of Zeus, Natale Schiavoni

Eagle Drawing - Eagle On A Rock by Kubo Shunman

Eagle On A Rock, Kubo Shunman

Eagle Painting - Hebe With Jupiter In The Guise Of An Eagle by Gustav-Adolphe Diez

Hebe With Jupiter In The Guise Of An Eagle, Gustav-Adolphe Diez

Eagle and Rabbit, Kawanabe Kyosai

Eagle Attacking a Fox, Kawanabe Kyosai

Eagle Attacking Fish, Kawanabe Kyosai

Eagle Carrying Off a Monkey, Kawanabe Kyosai

Eagle Defending Its Young, Kawanabe Kyosai

Eagle Holding Small Bird, Kawanabe Kyosai

Eagle. Ganrei

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