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Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard

Sitting male nude with the face partly covered by his raised arms. Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard

Rome, between 1772 and 1777
oil on canvas
98 × 75 cm (38.6 × 29.5 in)
Object history Nicolai Abildgaard's very good friend, the sculptor Johan Tobias Sergel. Mrs S. Ramström, Västerås, Sweden.
Exhibition history Statens Museum for Kunst, "Nicolai Abildgaard. Kroppen i oprør", 2009 no. 6.
Notes Later in the possession of sculptor Johan Tobias Sergel. While in Rome, Abildgaard was associated with the French Art Academy, where models took on extreme positions, such as the one shown here. This nude bears a resemblance to those in the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo.


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