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Johann Kerseboom

The Shannon Portrait of the Hon. Robert Boyle F. R. S. (1627-1691). . Johann Kerseboom

Robert Boyle (1627–1691), an Irish-born English scientist, was an early supporter of the scientific method and founder of modern chemistry. Boyle is known for his pioneering experiments on the physical properties of gases, his authorship of the Sceptical Chymist, his role in creating the Royal Society of London, and his philanthropy in the American colonies.
In the painting, Boyle is shown in long curled wig, white neck cravat, and sleeves, and black coat; seated facing right with head turned three quarters left, looking out; turns page of book with left hand and gestures toward book with right; upholstered chair and tablecloth in silver brocade.
oil on canvas
40 × 50 in (101.6 × 127 cm)
Chemical Heritage Foundation
Accession number 2001.002.001


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