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Abraham Janssens

Mount Olympus. Abraham Janssens

oil on canvas,

206 x 239 cm,

Alte Pinakotek

This work which is generally entitled "Mount Olympus" is based on Virgil, Aeneid (X, 1-14) which describes a story from the Trojan War is: Jupiter has called together all the Olympian gods, in order to call for peace. The love goddess Venus, however, disagrees and argues for the protection of the Trojans and her grandson Aeneas. Holding the boy Amor by the hand she talks to the thoughtful, pensive Jupiter and his wife Juno, who is accused as an adversary of the Trojans. On the far left Minerva in armour bends down to Juno. Behind Jupiter stands Diana with the moon tiara. Half hidden by the arm of Venus the scene is also witnessed by Apollo (with lyre) and the god of war Mars. At the same time Hercules is seen approaching wearing a lion skin and carrying a club.


. Άμπραχαμ Γιάνσενς

Abraham Janssens

Jupiter Rebuked by Venus


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