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Τζων Σίνγκερ Σάρτζεντ (John Sargent Singer)

John Singer Sargent : Part 1 : Part 2Part 3


The Model

Corfu. Cypresses

Rio Dei Mendicanti. Venice

A Capriote

In The Luxembourg Gardens


Fishing For Oysters At Cancale

Madame X. Madame Pierre Gautreau

An Out-of-doors Study

An Artist In His Studio

Marionettes. Behind The Curtain

Santa Sofia

Man And Trees. Florida

Mountain Stream

Landscape With Palmettos


Egyptians Raising Water From The Nile


Study For The Coming Of The Americans


Reapers Resting In A Wheat Field

Mannikin in the Snow

Rushing Brook

Man And Pool. Florida

Figure In Hammock. Florida


Open Valley. Dolomites


Mrs. Hugh Hammersley

Tyrolese Interior

Rushing Water

Borgo San Lorenzo

Sellar Alp Dolomites

A Backwater at Calcot Near Reading

A Backwater at Wargrave

A Backwater, Calcot Mill near Reading

A Bedouin Arab

A Boat in the Waters off Capri

A Boating Party

A Dinner Table at Night (Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vickers)

A Game of Bowls,Ightham Mote,Kent

A Garden in Corfu

A Gust of Wind. Mrs. Violet Ormond (1870-1955), Artist's Sister.

A Hotel Room

A Landscape Study at San Vigilio, Lake of Garda

A Man Seated by a Stream,Val d'Aosta, Pertud

A Marble Fountain at Aranjuez, Spain

A Morning Walk. Mrs. Violet Ormond (1870-1955), Artist's Sister

A Mosque, Cairo,

A Mosque, Cairo

A Mountain Stream, Tyrol

A Palace and Gardens,Spain

A Parisian Beggar Girl(also known as Spanish Beggar Girl)

A Portrait of Cicely Horner

A Portrait of Violet

A Rose Trellis (also known as Roses at Oxfordshire)

A Siesta

A Spanish Barracks

A Spanish Interior

A Spanish Woman

A Street in Algiers

A Street in Venice

A Street in Venice

A Study of Architecture, Florence

A Tyrolese Crucifix

A Vele Gonfie (Ena Wertheimer)

A Venetian Interior

A Waterfall

A Window in the Vatican

Abbott Lawrence Lowell

Above Lake Garda at San Vigilio

Ada Rehan

Adrian Iselin

Albanian Olive Gatherers

Albert de Belleroche

Albert de Belleroche

Alberto Falchetti

Alfred, Son of Asher Wertheimer

Alhambra, Patio de la Reja

Alice Runnels James (also known as Mrs William James)

Alice Shepard

All' Ave Maria

Almina, Daughter of Asher Wertheimer

Ambrogio Raffele

An Interior in Venice

Antonio Mancini

Apollo and the Muses

Apollo in His Chariot with the Hours

Arab Stable

Arab Street Scene

Arthur James Balfor

Artist in the Simplon

Asher Wertheimer

Atlantic Storm

Atlas and the Hesperides

Auguste Rodin

Autumn on the River (also known as Miss Violet Sargent)

Baroness de Meyer

Bartholomy Magagnosco

Base of a Palace

Base of a Palace

Beatrice Townsend

Beatriice Goelet

Bedouin Camp

Bedouin Encampment

Bedouin Mother

Bedouin Women Carrying Water Jars


Behind the Salute

Betty Wertheimer


Black Tent

Blanche Marchesi

Blue Gentians

Boat with The Golden Sail, San Vigilio

Boats, Venice


Boboli Gardens

Bologna Fountain

Boy on a Rock

Breakfast in the Loggia

Brenva Glacier

Bridge of Sighs

Bringing Down Marble from the Quarries to Carrara

Brook among the Rocks

By the River (also known as Femme en Barque)

By the River

Cafe on the Riva degli Schiavoni

Camping at Lake O'Hara

Campo Dei Gesuiti

Campo San Agnese, Venise

Capri Girl on a Rooftop

Captain John Spicer

Carmela Bertagna

Caroline de Bassano, Marquise d'Espeuilles




Cashmere Shawl

Caspar Goodrich

Catherine Vlasto

Cecil Harrison

Cecily Homer

Charles Alexander

Charles Deering

Charles Inches

Charles Octavius Parsons

Charles Stewart,Sixth Marquess of Londonderry,Carrying the Great Sword of State at the Coronation

Charles Stuart Forbes

Charles Woodbury

Charlotte Cram

Church of St. Stae, Venice

Claude Monet

Claude Monet Painting by the Edge of the Woods

Clementina Austruther-Thompson (sketch)

Clementina Austruther-Thompson

Colonel Ian Hamilton

Colonel Thomas Edward Vickers

Coming Down from Mont Blanc

Conrad and Reine Ormand

Constance Malanie Wynne-Roberts

Cora, Countess of Strafford (Cora Smith)


Corfu. Lights and Shadows

Corfu. The Terrace

Corner of a Garden

Corner of the Church of St.Stae,Venice

Cottage at Fairford, Gloucestershire

Countess Clary Aldringen (Therese Kinsky)

Countess Laura Spinola Nunez del Castillo

Coventry Patmore

Coventry Patmore

Crashed Aeroplane

Crescenzo Fusciardi

Cypress Trees at San Vigilio

Daisy Leiter

Daniel J. Nolan


Dennis Miller Bunker Painting at Calcot

The breakfast table

The Rialto

The Black stream

Dolce Far Niente

Doorway of a Venetian Palace


Dorothy Barnard

Dorothy Barnard

Dorothy Barnard

Dorothy Vickers

Douglas Vickers

Dr. Pozzi at Home


Edith French

Edmond Gosse

Edouard and Marie-Louise Pailleron

Edouard Pailleron

Edward Robinson

Edwin Booth

Egyptian Water Jars

Egyptians Raising Water from the Nile -

El Jaleo

Eleanor Brooks

Eleanora Duse

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

Elizabeth Winthrop Chanler

Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth (sketch)

Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth

Elsie Palmer

Elsie Palmer

Elsie Wagg

Emily Sargent

Ena and Betty, Daughters of Asher and Mrs.Wertheimer

Ena Wertheimer with Antonio Mancini


Ernst-Ange Duez

Escutcheon of Charles V

Essie,Ruby and Ferdinand,Children of Asher Wertheimer

Ethel Smyth

Etta Dunham

Eugene Juillerat


Facade of a Palazzo, Girgente, Sicily

Falconieri Gardens, Frascati

Family Sitwell

Fanny Watts

Feet of an Arab, Tiberias

Festa Della Regatta (Palazzo Barbaro in Background)

Fete Famillale.The Birthday Party

Field Marshal Earl Roberts,K.G.,V.C.

Figure of a Child

Fiield Marshall H.R.H.the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn -

Flora Priestley (also known as Lamplight Study)

Flora Priestley

Florence.Fountain, Boboli Gardens

Florence. Torre Galli

Flotsam and Jetsam

John Singer Sargent : Part 1 : Part 2Part 3



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