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Ceramic Vase in the form of a siren Greek 540 BCE

Red-figure Greek serving plate for fish 4th century BCE

Red-figured Greek Red-Figure Kantharos (Drinking Vessels) with Female Heads 320-310 BCE Terracotta

Red-figured Greek Oinochoe 5th century BCE Terracotta

Gold Bracelet with Antelope-Heads Greek 4th century BCE

Bracelet from the Olbia Treasure Hellenistic Greek late 2nd century BCE Gold Garnet Amethyst Chrysoprase, glass, enamel

Black-figured Greek Attic ceramics of the 6th century BCE

Greek Death Mask and Gold Grave Goods Assemblage from a Warrior's Burial 6th century BCE

Greek Corinithian-style bronze helmet that has been "killed" 700-500 BCE

Ivory Applique of Satyr Greek 2nd century BCE

Allegorical Group of Triumphant Ptolemy Greek 2nd century BCE Bronze

Terracotta figurine of a Greek woman Tanagra Boeotia 340-200 BCE

Red-Figure Chous with Eros Greek 410 BCE

Red-Figure Bell Krater with Three Women and Three Youths Greek by the Apulianizing Painter 330-320 BCE

Three People Watching a Cock Fight Greek 330-100 BC (Hellenistic) Terracotta

Terracotta figurine of a Greek woman Tanagra Boeotia 340-200 BCE

Terracotta figurine of a Seated Maiden with "Melon" Hairstyle Greek 230 BCE

Red-figured Greek Kylix Late 4th century BCE

Greek pyxis white-ground lekthos and terracotta by the Sotheby painter 460-450 BC BCE

Greek Chalcidian style helmet bronze 500 BCE

Bronze greave Greek

Head of Queen Arsinoe III Greek or Egyptian 217-203 BCE

Head of a Maiden with "Lampadion" Hairstyle Greek 3rd - 2nd century BCE

Head of a Maiden in the style of Praxiteles Greek 3rd century BCE

Head of a woman with braids Greek 325 BCE Marble

Greek Bronze of a Boxer 1st century BCE

Black-figured Mastos cup with combat scene Greek 530 BCE

Carved ivory Silen Decoration from a Bed Greek 2nd century BCE

Greek Corinithian-style bronze helmet 7th - 6th century BCE

Bronze Greek helmet 6th century BCE

Alexander the Great

Minoan Snake Goddess or Priestess Ivory and Gold 1750 to 1580 BCE

Aryballos (perfume vessel) in the form of a Greek soldier 6th century BCE

Greek Amphora with Funerary Scenes from the workshop of Athens 894 Terracotta 720-710 BCE

Attic Black figure plate with Gorgon's head and bands of animals ceramic 600 BCE

Oinochoe in the Camirus, or "Wild Goat" Style Greek 625-600 BCE

Fikellura Amphora Greek 540 BC (Archaic)

Pyxis with Lid featuring two standing horses Greek 8th century BCE

Stemmed Cup with Cuttlefish Mycenaean 1200 BC (late Helladic IIIA-B) Terracotta

Long-beaked Jug Mycenaen 1425 BCE Ceramic

Pinched Spout Oinochoes Cypro-Archaic I, 750 - 600 B.C.

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