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Knots in Washington is an international conference on knot theory and its ramifications held twice a year since 1995. The main organizers are Józef Przytycki, Alexander Shumakovitch, Yongwu Rong and Valentina Harizanov, all of whom are at George Washington University.[1]

This conference has become an important topological event in the Washington Metropolitan Area and regularly attracts well-known topologists from other areas of the US and from other countries.[2]. For example, Knots in Washington XVIII, held in May 2004, was the first conference fully devoted to the Khovanov homology, with Mikhail Khovanov giving a series of talks and leading experts Dror Bar-Natan, Lev Rozansky, Oleg Viro, and Ciprian Manolescu giving plenary talks.[3] Knots in Washington XX was dedicated to the 60th birthday of Louis H. Kauffman.[4] Other related conferences include Knots in Poland (1995, 2003),[5] and Knots in Hellas in 1998, where Fields Medal winner Vaughan Jones spoke about his work on knot invariants.[6]

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