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The ICTCM Award is presented each year at the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics sponsored by Pearson Addison–Wesley & Pearson Prentice Hall publishers. This award, now in its twelfth year, was established by Pearson Education to recognize an individual or group for excellence and innovation in using technology to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics.[1] Electronic conference proceedings are available beginning with ICTCM 7.[2] List of free electronic journals in mathematics

ICTCM Award recipients
1997 Chicago, ICTCM-10[3]

To: Paul Velleman, Cornell University
For: ActiveStats[4]

1998 New Orleans, ICTCM-11[5]

To: Laurie Hopkins, Columbia College, SC and Amelia Kinard, Columbia College, SC
For: An Update on the Impact of handheld CAS Systems on Developmental Algebra
To: Deborah Hughes Hallett, University of Arizona; Eric Connally, Wellesley College; Rajini Jesudason, Wellesley College (Currently: Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School); Ralph Teixeira, Harvard University; and Graeme Bird, Harvard University
For: Information, Data and Decisions[6]
To: John C. Miller, The City College of CUNY
For: xyAlgebra: Algebra Courseware with Intelligent Help at Every Step[7]

1999 San Francisco, ICTCM-12[8]

To: Michael E. Gage (et al.), University of Rochester and Arnold K. Pizer, University of Rochester
For: WeBWork[9]
To: Christopher Weaver, New Mexico State University
For: Mathematics Accessible to Visually Impaired Students

2000 Atlanta, ICTCM-13[10]

To: Deborah Hughes Hallett, University of Arizona and Richard Thompson, University of Arizona
For: Computer Texts for Business Mathematics[11]

2001 Baltimore, ICTCM-14[12]

To: Bob Richardson, Massey University, New Zealand and Brian Felkel, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
For: Networked Business Mathematics

2002 Orlando, ICTCM-15[13]

To: Robert L. Devaney, Boston University
For: The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project[14]

2003 Chicago, ICTCM-16[15]

To: James H. Curry, University of Colorado and Anne Dougherty, University of Colorado,
For: Mathematics Visualization Toolkit[16]

2004 New Orleans, ICTCM-17[17]

To: Mike Martin, Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS and Steven J. Wilson, Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS
For: Dynamic Web Tools for Undergraduate Mathematics[18]

2006 Orlando, ICTCM-18[19]

To: Sarah L. Mabrouk, Framingham State College, Framingham, MA
For: 'Interactive MS Excel Workbooks

2007 Boston, ICTCM-19[20]

To: Mark H. Holmes, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
For: Integrating the Learning of Mathematics and Science Using Interactive Teaching and Learning Strategies

2008 San Antonio, ICTCM-20[21]

To: Douglas B. Meade, University of South Carolina and Philip B. Yasskin, Texas A&M University
For: Maplets for Calculus, Tutoring without the Tutor'[22]

2009 New Orleans, ICTCM-21[23]

To: Douglas Ensley,[24] Shippensburg University and Barbara Kaskosz, University of Rhode Island
For: Flash and Math Applets: Learn by Example[25]

2010 Chicago, ICTCM-22[26]

To: Paul Seeburger, Monroe Community College
For: Dynamic Visualization for Multivariable Calculus

2011 Denver, ICTCM-23[27]

To: Mamikon Mnatsakanian, California Institute of Technology and Hui Fang Huang "Angie" Su, Nova Southeastern University
For: Shapes and Numbers: From Counting to Calculus and Beyond[28]

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ICTCM Website
Electronic Proceedings of the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (EPICTCM)
Proceedings of ICTCM 10
ActiveStats: http://www.datadesk.com/products/mediadx/activstats/
Proceedings of ICTCM 11
Information, Data and Decisions: http://math.arizona.edu/~dhh/NOVA/IDD-ICTCM.doc
xyAlgebra: http://www.xyalgebra.org/
Proceedings of ICTCM 12
WeBWork: http://math.webwork.rochester.edu/webwork2, http://webwork.maa.org/, http://webwork.maa.org/wiki
Proceedings of ICTCM 13
Computer Texts for Business Mathematics: http://www.math.arizona.edu/busmath[permanent dead link]
Proceedings of ICTCM 14
Proceedings of ICTCM 15
The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project: http://math.bu.edu/DYSYS
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Mathematics Visualization Toolkit: http://amath.colorado.edu/java/
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Dynamic Web Tools for Undergraduate Mathematics: http://staff.jccc.net/mmartin/webmath.html Archived 2009-03-03 at the Wayback Machine
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Proceedings of ICTCM 19
Proceedings of ICTCM 20
Maplets for Calculus: http://m4c.math.tamu.edu
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Douglas Ensley: deensley [at] ship [dot] edu, http://webspace.ship.edu/deensley/
Flash and Math Applets: http://mathdl.maa.org/mathDL/3/?pa=content&sa=viewDocument&nodeId=679 Archived 2009-02-21 at the Wayback Machine, http://www.flashandmath.com/
Proceedings of ICTCM 22
Proceedings of ICTCM 23
Shapes and Numbers: From Counting to Calculus and Beyond: http://www.mamikon.com/, http://www.projectmindmathisnotdifficult.com/

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