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Αντρέα Σάκκι (Andrea Sacchi). Ιταλός ζωγράφος (Νετούντο 1599 – Ρώμη 1661). Μαθητής του Φ. Άλμπανι

Andrea Sacchi Painting - Daedalus And Icarus by Andrea Sacchi

Daedalus And Icarus

Andrea Sacchi Painting - Saint Andrew by Andrea Sacchi

Saint Andrew

Andrea Sacchi Painting - The Drunkenness Of Noah by Attributed to Andrea Sacchi

The Drunkenness Of Noah

Saints Anthony Abbot and Francis of Assisi

The Three Magdalenes

Ceiling fresco

St Francis Marrying Poverty

Hagar and Ismail in the Desert

Portrait of Monsignor Clemente Merlini

Marcantonio Pasquilini Crowned by Apollo

The Vision of St Romuald

Venus at Rest

Allegory of Divine Wisdom

Crown with thorns

The Death of Dido

The Holy Family with John The Baptist


Pope Alexander VII Drawing

Martyrdom of a Saint

Two studies of the bust of a man turned towards the right

Naming of John the Baptist



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