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Briefmarken: Griechische Medizin

Achilles Berlin F 2278

Achilles binding the wounds of his friend Patroclus, from a c. 500 BC kylix cup (now in a Museum in Berlin Germany), Sosias Painter, Patroclus wearing a cap used to make the wearing of the helmet more comfortable. Interior and Side View

Asklepios, a mythical person, the son of Apollo and Coronis. His teacher of medicine was Chiron the centaur (also a teacher of Achilles)

Part o a relief: A patient and his family approaching the Medical God Asklepios

Votive relief of Archinos (370 BC) from Tyrea, Argolis (Oropos / Amphiaraus), 0.49 m x 0.55 m. The healing god Asklepios appears to the dreamer to cure him. National Archaeological Museum, Athens, No. 3369. The same person is shown 3 times. First Asklepios personally checks his hand. As a patient on a bed (kline) he is biten by a snake. Raising his hand he thanks Asklepios for the cure.

These votives represented the a patient’s ailment and their thanks for the cure

A physician ( iatros ) bleeding a patient Athenian Red-figured Arybalos called the Peytel Arybalos, Height c. 9 cm , 480-470 BC, Clinic Vasepainter (5th) , CA1989-2183 , Louvre, Dpt.des Antiquites Grecques/Romaines.

Greek Art and Greek Medicine

International Hippocrates Institute, Kos, Hippocrates Sculpture of D. Kossos, 24.11.1979 Stamp


Hippocrates (YEMEN) , Hippocrates and Avicenna (IRAN) , Hippocrates and Avicenna (SYRIA) , Hippocrates (SAN MARINO and AUSTRALIA)

Hippocrates (HUNGARY and TRANSKEI)

The Tree of Hippocrates in the island of Kos, a place where Hippocrates is supposed to have taught Medicine

Galen on a Greek Stamp, 8.7.1996, First international Medical Olympiad

Galen on a Stamp from Yemen

Jason of Athens, His stele with the text... 'Jason, also known as Decimus, of the Archarnian deme ..., Jason examines a child, with an unnaturally enlarged stomach. To the right a cupping vessel is shown (scale exaggerated) which when heated is used to draw blood or pus from a wound (British Museum).

Timeline Greek medicine

Ancient Greek Medicine and Psychology, Biographies of Physicians, Examples of Medical Knowledge, Timeline, Anatomical Studies, Medical Instruments, etc.




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