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Zeta Makrypoulia (Greek: Ζέτα Μακρυπούλια; born 31 July 1970 in Athens) is a Greek actress, model and television presenter.


Zeta Makrypoulia


Makrypoulia graduated from Vasilis Diamantopoulos' Drama School, while she has also attended acting classes at Theatro ton Allagon. Then she started appearing on television and has participated in various shows and commercials for the last 14 years.She also has worked in various different television productions. Makrypoulia appeared in the hit series Para Pente, with her performance as a naive village girl in the series. Zeta and actor/scriptwriter Giorgos Kapoutzidis will be part of this year's Eurovision's commentators during the 51st Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. Aside from television productions Zeta has also appeared on stage, debuting for the first time in 2005 in the theatrical play "Sesouar gia Dolofonous". For the past seven years, she has also been working as a radio DJ for well-known radio stations, including Ciao FM and Sfera 102.2. Recently she starred in Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos alongside Nick Giannopoulos and Vince Colosimo as Zoe, Giannopoulos' love interest. In 2010 and 2011 she presents the Greek version of Dancing With The Stars.


TV Series:

1995-1996: Horismeni me Pedia, ANT1
2000-2001: To berdema, Star Channel
2001-2002: Aerines siopes, Mega Channel
2002-2003: Miss Daizy, Alpha TV
2004-2005: Solo kariera, ANT1
2005-2006: Safe Sex TV Stories, Mega Channel
2005-2007: Sto para pente, Mega Channel
2006-2007: Mono esy, NET
2006-2007: Epta thanasimes petheres, Mega Channel
2007-2008: Jiugerman, ANT1
2008-2009: To klidi tou paradisou, ANT1


2004-2006: Sesouar gia dolofonous
2006-2007: S'agapo, se latrevo, horizoume
2007: Mideia
2007-2008: T'oniro tis diplanis portas
2008-2009: Stis kouzines


2008: Molis horisa
2009: S.E.X.-Soula ela xana
2010: Wog Boy 2: Kings of Mykonos


1997-1998: Mad Zone, MAD channel
Eurovision 2006: Feel the fun
Eurovision 2006: Welcome to the party
Eurovision 2006: Feel the difference
Eurovision 2006: Feel the show
Eurovision 2006: Feel the party
Cyprus music awards 2006
Cyprus music awards 2007
2006: Tilemarathonios, Mega Channel
2007-2008: Baby Dance, Alpha TV
2010: Dancing with the Stars - Season 1, ANT1
2011: Dancing with the Stars - Season 2, ANT1
2012: Dancing with the Stars - Season 3, ANT1

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