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A Greek philosopher from Corinth. The age when he flourished is uncertain. The little that we know of him is derived from Sextus Empiricus, who represents him as holding the most ultrasceptical opinions, and maintaining that all notions are false, and that there is absolutely nothing true in the universe (Adv. Math. vii. 388, 399). What Sextus knew of him seems to have been derived from Democritus (ib. vii. 53). He more than once couples him with Xenophanes (Pyrrhi. Hyp. ii. 18, adv. Math. vii. 48). Perhaps his representations may be as exaggerated in the one case as in the other .

2. A Corinthian, who became the purchaser of Diogenes the Cynic, when he was taken by pirates and sold as a slave (see Diog. Laert. vi. 74).

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