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Xenarchus (Ξέναρχος), Athenian comic poet of the Middle Comedy, who was contemporary with Timocles, and lived as late as the time of Alexander the Great. The following titles of his plays have been preserved, with some considerable fragments :

Voutalion, Didymoi, Pentathlos, Porphyra, Priapos, Skythai, Stratiotis, Ypnos

(Suid. s. v. ; Ath. passim.).

Fabricius and others have confounded him with the mimographer, who lived sixty or seventy years earlier, and wrote in a different dialect. (Fabric. Bibl.Graec. vol. ii. p. 505; Clinton, F. H. vol. ii. Introd. p. xlv. ; Meineke, Frag. Com. Graec. vol. i. p. 434, vol. iii. pp. 614—625, Editio Minor, pp. 811—815.)

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