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Vicky Kaya
Birthdate: 1981
Birth location: Athens, Greece
Birth name: Vicky Kaya
Measurements: 35-24-34 (US); 89-61-89 (EU)
Height: 177 cm; 5'9"
Weight: 125 lb (56 kg)
Eye color: Green-Grey
Hair color: Light brown
Ethnicity: Greek

Vicky Kaya, in Greek: Βίκυ Καγιά, born 1981 in Athens is a Greek super model who is well known in the International Fashion World and has appeared on the covers of numerious international fashion magazines such Vogue, Esquire and Madame.


Vicky has been modeling since age sixteen, appearing in many catalogue bookings and tv commercials world wide. She is diversed in a range of assignments from the Catwalk/Runway to Acting / TV Hosting and international TVC’s. Vicky holds a graduate certificate 1&2 from Swinburne Tafe and is aspiring to secure more acting and/or television work. For the past few years she is based out of New York, New York and is being represented by ABC Management New York. Measurements: Height: 5'9" ft - 177 cm; Bust: 35; Waist: 24" - 61 cm; Hips: 34" - 89 cm".

Vicky Kaya

Her latest and most notable acting job was in the much hyped 2006 sequel of the classic move Loafing and Camouflage.


The Greek media has been reporting lately that Vicky, along with model Katia Zygouli and Greek-American model and TV presenter Maria Menounos, as three of the finalists which ERT (Greek national broadcaster) is considering for co-hosting in the Athens 2006 Eurovision Song Contest along with the Greek Superstar Sakis Rouvas. Vicky has hosted numerious events including the 2005 Thessaloniki Songfestival. An announcement is likely by the end of February.

Job Appearances

  • ADC (ROY) Parades with Naomi Campbell '200'
  • JAG Parades with Linda Evangelista (Melb fashion fest '99')
  • CHARLIE BROWN Parades with Helena Christensen (Melb fashion fest '98')
  • DAVID JONES - Parades
  • MYER MELBOURNE]] - Parades
  • DIAMARAU (BOSS) - Fashion Week Parades
  • THE AGE TVC 'Seize the day' 2 years running '98', '99'
  • TELECOM MALAYSIA International TVC for the 1998 Malaysian Commonwealth Games
  • WESTCO TVC Summer Campaign '99'
  • LAMOSIL[[ TVC Sporting Commercial ‘2000’- Current



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