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Theofylaktos F. Papakonstantinou (1905-1991) was a Greek columnist, political and social analyst and historian. His nickname was "Petros Monastiriotis". He was born in Monastiri, Macedonia (that was the reason of his nickname) in 1905 and studied literature, philosophy, history and didactics at the University of Athens.

He was the author of "Great Greek Encyclopedia" (Μεγάλη Ελληνική Εγκυκλοπέδια) (1928-1934), author of newspaper "Independent" (Ανεξάρτητος) (1934-1936), author and managing editor of newspaper "Morning" (Πρωία) (1936-1943), managing editor and columnist of newspaper "Freedom" (Ελευθερία) (1945-1949), columnist of newspaper "Meridian" (Μεσημβρινή) (1963-1967) and contributor of many magazines and "National Institure of Radiobroadcasting" (Εθνικό Ίδρυμα Ραδιαφωνίας), (1950-1953 and 1959-1964). He was also a war correspondent in 1941, traveling the whole firing line from the northern point to the southern one.

During the enemy bondage of Greece, he edited with some of his colleagues the newspaper of national resistance "Fighting Greece" (Μαχόμενη Ελλάς), (August 1942 - October 1943), where he was writing the main articles and many columns in order to tone up the moral and to inform the Greek people, along with subverting the moral of the enemy. This newspaper was delivered to the "Free Greek Government" at the headquarters of Middle East. In this framework he compiled proclamations towards the enemy forces in order to wear down their mood, with remarkable success. In October 1943, he escaped in Middle East (Cairo), because his activities against Axis was detected and it was matter of time to be arrested by the Germans. He served there, in the exiled Greek Government as Director of Press at the National Intelligence Service (1943-44).

After he returned, he became briefly the General Director of Internal Press. Some decades later, and after the written adjuration (for the solution of its insurance fund serious financial problems), of the "Union of Daily Newspapers Authors of Athens" (Ένωση Συντακτών Ημερησίου Τύπου Αθηνών), he nominated Sub Minister of State (1967) and Minister of Education (1967-1969). The financial problems resolved with the law AN248 of 1967 which, he compiled and it is in force even nowadays. He abdicated in 5th of April in 1969, when it was clear that there would be no elections as military government promised. He compiled the "Political Civics" (Πολιτική Αγωγή) in 1970. A brief edition of this book, was inserted as lesson in schools. He received 2 millions drachmas as auctorial rights and he donated all of them in the Greek State.

After this, he was a columnist in newspaper "Acropolis" (1972-1985). He wrote the book "The Great Adventure" (Η Μεγάλη Περιπέτεια) in 1987, where he describes his experiences from his political involvement, writing for the first time without censorship. His last book, "The Small Adventure" (Η Μικρή Περιπέτεια) in 1987, was a complement of the previous one. He died in old age in 31st of March in 1991. He wrote many articles in dictionaries, newspapers and magazines and he wrote several books.

He translated into Greek books of Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Charles Gide, Sidney Hook and others. He was honoured with the award of "Athens Academy" for his book "Anatomy of Revolution" (Ανατομία της Επαναστάσεως), with the Cross of Taxiarches of the Royal Battalion of Phoenix, with the Great Cross of Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, with Rood A Class of Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria and with the High Taxiarch of George I of Greece's Battalion. His resistance during German occupation has been recognized by the Greek State. His had written in total 7.576 articles of 21.600 pages. His work has been qualified such an Era of Greek Journalism only by its own.


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