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Seleucus III

Coin of Seleucus III. Greek inscription reads [Β]ΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ [Σ]ΕΛΕΥΚΟΥ (king Seleucus) [Source].

Coin of Seleucus III. Greek inscription reads [Β]ΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ [Σ]ΕΛΕΥΚΟΥ (king Seleucus).

Seleucus III Ceraunus or Soter (c. 243 BC - 223 BC), eldest son of Seleucus II Callinicus, was a Seleucid king, who after a brief reign of three years (225 BC-223 BC) was assassinated in Asia Minor by members of his army while on campaign against Attalus I of Pergamon. His title "Ceraunus" means "Thunder" in Greek.

Seleucid Ruler 225–223 BC

Preceded by: Seleucus II

Succeeded by: Antiochus III

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