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Phedon Papamichael (Greek: Φαίδων Παπαμιχαήλ, born 1962) is a cinematographer and film director.

Born in Athens, Greece, Papamichael came to the United States at age six when his father went to work as a production designer for John Cassavetes. He studied photography and art at the University of Munich, graduating with a degree in Fine Arts in 1982. He learned cinematography on the job, starting with Dance of the Damned in 1988.

Papamichael made his directorial debut with Showtime's Sketch Artist in 1992. He also directed the 1994 independent film Dark Side of Genius. He has been a member of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) since 2000. In the same year he won the Prix Vision at the Avignon Film Festival for 27 Missing Kisses.

Phedon's most recent directed film From Within premiered April 25, 2008 at the Tribeca Film Festival and was later included as one of the films in the third After Dark Films 8 Films to Die For series.

Selected cinematography credits

Year Title Role Notes
1988 Dance of the Damned
1989 After Midnight
Stripped to Kill II: Live Girls aka Stripped to Kill II
Nowhere to Run
1990 Prayer of the Rollerboys
Body Chemistry
1992 Poison Ivy
1993 Cool Runnings
Wild Palms TV mini-series
1994 Dark Side of Genius
1995 Unstrung Heroes
White Dwarf
While You Were Sleeping
1996 Unhook the Stars aka Décroche les étoiles
The Locusts aka A Secret Sin
1997 MouseHunt
The Locusts aka A Secret Sin
1998 Patch Adams
Willie Nelson at the Teatro
2000 27 Missing Kisses aka 27 dakarguli kotsna and L'été de mes 27 baisers
The Million Dollar Hotel
2001 America's Sweethearts
2002 Moonlight Mile
Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet segment "Twelve Miles to Trona"
Viel passiert - Der BAP-Film aka Ode to Cologne: A Rock 'N' Roll Film
I Drink, I Gamble and I Write: The Making of Barfly
2003 Distance
Who Killed the Idea?
Other Side of the Road
2004 Sideways
2005 The Weather Man 1 episode Pilot
Walk the Line aka Walk the Line
Lights 2
2006 Men in Trees 1 episode Pilot
10 Items or Less
2007 3:10 to Yuma
2008 W. aka Oliver Stone's W and W. - Ein missverstandenes Leben
2009 Arcadia Lost
2010 Knight and Day
2011 The Ides of March
2012 This Is Forty Post-Production [1]
Year Title Genre Notes
1992 Sketch Artist TV
1994 Dark Side of Genius
2008 From Within
2009 Arcadia Lost
2011 Whirrrr


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