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Paris Christos Kanellakis (Greek: Πάρις Χρήστος Κανελλάκης; December 3, 1953 – December 20, 1995) was a computer scientist.

Kanellakis was born in Greece as the only child of General Eleftherios and Mrs. Argyroula Kanellakis. In 1976, he received a diploma in Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. He continued his studies at the graduate level in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he received an MSc degree in 1978 and a PhD degree in 1982. In 1981, he joined the Computer Science Department of Brown University as an assistant professor; he obtained tenure as an associate professor in 1986, and became a full professor in 1990.

He died on December 20, 1995 together with his wife, Maria Teresa Otoya, and their children, Alexandra and Stephanos, aboard American Airlines Flight 965 en route from Miami, Florida, to Cali, Colombia for an annual holiday reunion with his wife's family.

His scientific contributions are in the fields of database theory—comprising work on deductive databases, object-oriented databases, and constraint databases—as well as in fault-tolerant distributed computation and in type theory. He served as an associate editor in a number of respected journals, such as Information and Computation, ACM Transactions on Database Systems, SIAM Journal on Computing, Theoretical Computer Science, and Journal of Logic Programming.

Acknowledging Kanellakis's contributions to computer science the Association for Computing Machinery honored him by instituting the Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award.

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