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Nicomachus, the father of Aristotle, who belonged to the family of the Asclepiadae, and was descended from Nicomachus, the son of Machaon. He had another son named Arimnestus, and a daughter named Arimneste, by his wife Phaestis, or Phaestias, who was also descended from Aesculapius. He was a native of Stageira, and the friend and physician of Amyntas II., king of Macedonia, 393-369 BC. He was perhaps the author of the works attributed (apparently) by Suidas to his ancestor, the son of Machaon. (Suid. s. v. Aristoteles, Nikomachos; Ammon. in vita Aristot.; Diog. Laërt. v. 1. § 1.; Dionys. De Demosth. et Aristot. § 5; Joann. Tzetz. Chil. x. 727).

Nicomachus was also the name of Aristotle's son. Some historians think the Nicomachean Ethics, a compilation of Aristotle's lecture notes, was probably named after or dedicated to Aristotle's son.

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