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Minos X. Kyriakou (alternate spelling: Minos Kiriakou) (born May 31, 1942 in Poros, Greece; in Greek: Μίνως (Μηνάς)Κυριακού) is a Greek billionaire[1] shipping magnate and businessman. He is the Chairman of Euroholdings Capital & Investment Corp.[2] Some of his main business involvements include: the ownership of the Greek multimedia company the Antenna Group[3] (which also includes companies like Daphne Communications S.A., Heaven Music, etc.), ownership of two oil companies (Bacoil International and Athenian Oil Trading Inc.) and ownership of a shipping company (Athenian Sea Carriers Ltd.) [4] that is based in Singapore, ownership of mills in the United States, and a stake in the airline company Singapore Airlines. He is also the President of the Aegean Foundation.[5]

He also owns the Greek basketball club, Panellinios.[6] In addition to this, he is also the President of the Greek Olympic Committee[7] and he was the President of the International Olympic Academy (IOA). He was also elected to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) council in August 2003.[8]

Problems with the law

Kyriakou owns four acres of land in Athens that are in violation of Areos Park, as some of the Panellinios Athens complexes are illegally on the premises of the Athens Municipality and the Athens Prefecture. In February 2007, a penalty of 48 months imprisonment without suspension, and a fine of €15,000 euros was placed on Kyriakou for the arbitrary construction of a cottage property in San Aimilianos in Porto Heli. Namely, the construction of a harbor that was in violation of not only the winter tide, but also the future expansion of the coastline. As a result of this, Kyriakou appealed the ruling of the court and he was then asked to pay a fee of €100,000 euros in financial security costs until the appeal trial could be held.[9][10][11]


Since December 2004, Kyriakou has been married to Greek actress Mari Konstantatou (b.1971).[12]
He also has two sons (Xenophon and Theodore) and a daughter (Athina), from his first marriage.[13]
He speaks Greek, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian.[14]
He has won the Golden Cross of the Legion of Honor – Republic of Poland, Golden Cross of the order of St. George, Golden Medal of Honor – Republic of Cyprus, Golden Star of Honor – Singapore Republic, Grand Cross of the Order of the Legion of Honor – Republic of Poland.[15]


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