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Miltos Sachtouris or Miltos Sahtouris (Greek: Μίλτος Σαχτούρης; Athens July 19, 1919 – March 29, 2005 Athens) was a Greek poet. He was a descendant of Giorgos Sachtouris. When he was young he adopted the pen name Miltos Chrysanthis (Μίλτος Χρυσάνθης). Sachtouris wrote his first poem, The Music Of My Islands, under his pen name, in 1941.

Sachtouris met Nikos Engonopoulos in 1943. He later worked with Engonopoulos on Ikaros. He began works and continued to idle at Brazilian on Voukourestiou Street along with Elytis, Sinopoulos, Vakalo, Papaditsas, Karouzos and others. In 1960, he began publishing When I Talk to you and The Spectres, or Joy on the Other Street. Two years later, he received the Second State Poet Prize in 1962 for The Stigmata. He later wrote The Seal, or The Eighth Moon (1964) and The Utensil (1971) from the publishings of Keimena.

During his last years of his life he worked on Colorwounds (1980), Ectoplasms (1986), Sinking (1990), Since (1996) and The Clocks Turned Upside Down (1998). He received the Grand State Literature Prize in 2003 for his works. In 1992 writer Lefteris Xanthopoulos shot a documentary titled Who's the Crazy Hare (The Crazy Hare being one of the poet's most known poems) about Sachtouris at the poet's house, in Kypseli, Athens. The poet died in Athens on the morning of Tuesday, March 29, 2005. There are some translations of his work in English including The Forgotten Woman.


The Music of my Islands (Η Μουσική των Νησιών μου, 1941)
Christmas '43 (Χριστούγεννα '43, 1944)
The Forgotten Woman (Η Λησμονημένη, 1945)
The Heroine (Η Ηρωίδα, 1947)
The Wounded Woman (Η Πληγωμένη, 1947)
Death (Ο Θάνατος, 1947)
The Battle (Η Μάχη, 1947)
Paralogias (Παραλογαίς, 1948)
With the Face on the Wall (Με το Πρόσωπο στον Τοίχο, 1952)
When I Talk to you (Όταν σας Μιλώ, 1956)
The Spectres, or Joy on the Other Street (Τα Φάσματα, η Η Χαρά στον Άλλο Δρόμο, 1958)
The Walk (Ο Περίπατος, 1960)
The Stigmata (Τα Στίγματα, 1962)
The Seal, or The Eighth Moon (Σφραγίδα, ή Η Όγδοη Σελήνη, 1964)
The Utensil (Το Σκεύος, 1971)
Poems 1945-1981 (Ποιήματα 1945-1981, 1977)
Colorwounds (Χρωμοτραύματα, 1980)
Ectoplasms (Εκτοπλάσματα, 1986)
Sinking (Καταβύθιση, 1990)
Since (Έκτοτε, 1996)
Voice from the Other Shore (Φωνή απ' την Άλλη Ακρογυαλιά, 1997)
The Clocks Turned Upside Down (Ανάποδα Γυρίσαν τα Ρολόγια, 1998)
Poems 1980-1998 (Ποιήματα 1980-1998, 2002)
"Diavazo" lit. magazine (λογ. περιοδικό "Διαβάζω", January 2003)


Selected Poems, tr. K. Friar (1982)


Olga Sella - Σώπασε ο άνεμος του Σαχτούρη (an article of Kathimerini, March 30, 2005).

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