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Michalis Travlos (Greek: Μιχάλης Τραυλός) was born in 1950 in Piraeus, Greece. He started his musical studies at Athens National Conservatory in 1970 with Professor Michalis Vourtsis. In 1975, he was accepted to the Hochschule das Künste Berlin, where he studied composition with Professor Isang Yun until 1980, when he obtained his diploma in Music Composition. He lives in Athens as an independent composer and professor of theory and composition. He is artistic director of the Conservatory "Nikos Skalkotas".


He has written music for large and small ensembles, for solo instruments, as well as a chamber opera and concertos for solo instruments and orchestra. His works have been performed in many countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Poland, Spain, England, Holland. He has participated three times in the International Gaudeamus Music Week (Gaudeamus Foundation) in Holland as well as in the International Music Days (International Society of Contemporary Music, ISCM) in 1985.


1st Prize: International Composers' Competition, Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI) in Belgrade, for his work Eniwetock (1979).
1st Prize: International Composers' Competition, in Stuttgart, for his string quartet Metathesis (1979).
Prince Pierre of Monaco Music Composition Award (Prince Pierre Foundation), for his orchestral work Πρίσμα (Prisma)(1981).
2nd Prize: Competition of Hellenic Ministry of Culture, for his orchestral work Πρίσμα (Prisma) (1982).
2nd Prize: Competition of Hellenic Ministry of Culture, for his string quartet Metathesis (1979).
2nd Prize: Competition of the Municipality of Athens, for his work Adventures of Ulysses (Adventures of Ulysses) (1991).

Selected works

Orchestral Works

Klepsydra (1976)
Eniwoteck (1979)
Πρίσμα (Prisma) (1979–1980)
Ulesses Adventures (1985)
The Old Tower (1990)
Fields of Mindanao small orchestral piece (1996)
Ouvertura Romantica Contemporanea (1996)
A Christmas Fugue for string orchestra (1997)
Fluido for string orchestra (1999)
Symfonia Retro (2002)
Paradox Suite for plucked orchestra (2002)

Chamber and Ensembles Works

Quartet for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon (1975)
Rückkehr for 4 Violoncellos (1975)
Semitones for alto flute, oboe, English horn, harp, percussion and 2 violoncellos (1976)
Metathesis for string quartet (1977)
Seven Happenings for 8 players (1977)
Modus 3 for clarinet, piano and violoncello (1978)
Events for chamber orchestra (1978)
Folk Music Ouverture for chamber orchestra (1985)
Ο Φάρος chamber opera (1986)
Θαλλασινές Μπαλάντες (Sea Ballads) for voice and chamber orchestra (1987), transcription for violoncello and piano (1990)
Απόηχοι for oboe, bassoon, percussion, piano violin and violoncello (1987)
Variations for chamber orchestra (1988)
Proportions for violoncello and piano (1989)
Extravaganza for oboe and piano (1989)
Επαφές (Contacts) for 2 pianos (1991)
Trio for violin, violoncello and piano (1996)
Duetti for flute and guitar (1996)
Paradox Suite for 2 guitars (1997)
Extremities for piano, percussion, brass and strings (1997)
Barefrog for percussion and piano (1998)
Cellisimo 9 pieces for violoncello and piano (1999)
Αφιέρωση (Dedication) for violin and violoncello (1999)
Τέσσερα Τραγούδια (4 songs) for female voice and plucked string orchestra (2000)
Seven Parodies for violoncello, percussion and plucked string orchestra (2001)
Noiges Lointines for choir and plucked string orchestra (2002)
Black Red for alto flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano (2003)
Three Moods for oboe, English horn and strings' trio (2005)
Three Happenings for violin, violoncello, cembalo, and plucked string orchestra (June 2006)

Choral Works

Κεριά (Candles) for female choir (1984)
Μαριάννα (Marianna) for children choir (1984)
Οι Ψυχές των Γερόντων (Oldmens' Souls) for choir (1984)
Όνειρο (Dream) for choir (1986)
Μαύρη και γαλάζια νύχτα (Black and blue night) for choir (1993)
Η Ομορφιά (The Beauty) for female choir (1993)
Ψιλά Ψιλά for male choir (1993)
Πέντε χορωδιακά κομμάτια πάνω σε παραδοσιακές μελωδίες (Five choral pieces upon traditional melodies) (1999)

Solo Works

Πέντε μικρά πρελούδια για πιάνο (Five small preludes for piano) (1972)
Aria, for solo violin (1982)
Motivic Variations for solo violoncello (1983)
Progressions for solo oboe (1983)
Progressions 2 for solo guitar (1986)
Σπουδή (Etude) for solo guitar (1986)
Μινιατούρα (Miniature) for solo piano (1988)
Rondo de la nuit for solo piano (1992)
Seven Studies for solo piano (1997)
Τρείς μικρές εικόνες (Three little pictures) for solo guitar (2002)
Three forest arias for solo flute (2003)


Concerto for oboe, piano and chamber orchestra (1986–1987)
Concerto for violoncello and orchestra (1991)
Concerto for two pianos and orchestra (1994–1995)
Concerto for violin, harp and orchestra (1998)
Concerto for piano and orchestra (2000)
Two concerti: a) Quassi Flamenco, b) Quassi Ostinato for guitar and orchestra (2001)
Fading Memories - Concertante for solo guitar, plucked string orchestra and percussion (2003)

Electronic Music Works

Angels Falls small piece for electronic music (1998)
Andromeda electronical symphonic music (1998)
The Rainbow Colours electronical symphonic music with video and painting (2005)
Ethnik Matter for electronic, amplified violoncello and chamber orchestra (November 2006)

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