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Marika Nezer (Greek: Μαρίκα Νέζερ, 1906 in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire, now Istanbul, Turkey - July 18, 1989 in Athens) was a Greek actress. She was the daughter of Konstantinos Nezer, brother of Christoforos Nezer (1903–1996) and cousin of Christoforos Nezer (1887–1970) and granddaughter of Christoforos Nezer, fort chief of Athens and an aide-de-camp of King Otto of Greece.

Marika Nezer

Early life

She entered the theatrical scene at the age of 13 in Cairo where she understood at an excelled spot mainly in the musical review spots. She also distinguished in Greece in the review presentations and the councils of Sofia Vembo wit the characteristic type of a characterist.

Later life

Until her elder age, she appeared in several movies.

She was married to the actor Errikos Kontarinis.

She died on July 18, 1989 and was buried in Vyronas.

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