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Machanidas (Greek: Μαχανίδας) was the guardian of Pelops, tyrant in Sparta from c. 211 BC to 207 BC (Livy 27.29.9: tyrannus Lacedaemoniorum). In the First Macedonian War, Machanidas actively opposed the Achaeans, who were allied with Philip V. In 209 BC, he attacked and defeated Tegea, and in 208 BC he attacked Argos and Elis during the Olympic Peace. He was defeated in the Battle of Mantinaea in the summer of 207 (Polyb. 11.11-18; Plut. Philopoemen 10), where he killed by Philopoemen himself (Polyb. 11.17.4-18.4; Syll. 625).

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