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Lefteris Valakas (*)

Lefteris (Eleftherios) Valakas (Greek: Λευτέρης (Ελευθέριος) Βαλάκας) (May 8, 1944 - November, 1982) was a Greek sculptor. He was born in the village of Pirgos on Tinos island in Greece. Valakas after concluding his basic education in Pirgos, enrolled in the School of Fine Arts of Pirgos. After graduating, he continued his studies in the respective school of Athens, Athens School of Fine Arts, for two years. After receiving scholarship by the Evangelistria Institution of Tinos, he concluded the studies in sculpture in the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Valakas had made many works across Greece and during the last years of his life, he worked in the reconstruction works of Acropolis of Athens.

He was married to Andromachi Karali and had three children Antonis, and the twins Costas and Nassos. Lefteris Valakas died unexpectedly on Tinos at the early age of 38.


1944: Lefteris Valakas is born in May 8, on Saturday, in the village of Pyrgos in Tinos.

1956-1959: He studies Marble Art in Preliminary School of Fine Arts of Pyrgos.

1959-1964: He enrolls in the School of Fine Arts of Athens and studies sculpture by the professor Thanassis Apartis.

1965-1967: Lefteris Valakas starts creating personal works in marble, iron and copper. During his military service, he creates the super sized monument "Tsolias of '17" in the city of Arta.

1967-1969: He studies in École des Beaux-Arts in Paris by professor J. Yensesse. At the same time, he also takes courses in École pratique des hautes études by professor R. Martin. under scholarship of the Holly Foundation of Evanglelistria of Tinos. He exposes some of his work in the Salon d'Automne in Grand Palais.

1970: He comes to Athens for permanent residence. He exposes many of his works in marble and copper in the stage of Fine Arts in Parnassos, in the 10th Panhellenic Artistic Movement and in many private galleries.

Lefteris Valakas at the age of 16 at the School of Fine Arts of Pirgos (*)

1971: He participates in 11th Panhellenic artistic movement in Zappeion exposing many of his marble compositions. He also creates a number of mοnuments all over Greece and especially in Attica, Ilia, Cyclades, Zakynthos, Achaea, Argolida and Korinthia.

1972: Valakas is married to Andromachi Karali and his first son, Antonis, is born. Meanwhile he participates in the 4th New Artists Exposition held by the Hellenic American Union. He creates the composition "Eleftheria" ("Liberty") in Kastro of Ilia prefecture. In sequence, he makes an anaglyphs in many central buildings in the city of Athens.

1973: He exposes with other artists sculptured compositions in Hotel Hilton's hall of Arts, entitled "O Byzantios kai oi Neoi".

1974: He is occupied with personal research in various compositions and portraits.

1975: Lefteris Valakas participates in the 12th Panhellenic Exposition with various composition and the collection of "Kathedrika" ("Cathedrales"), in marble and brass.

1976: He executes the "Ancient Warrior" in brass in the city hall's square in the Municipality of Argyroupoli.

1977: Personal research in copper and iron. His twin sons, Costas and Nassos, are born.

1978: He participates in "Sculpture '78" exposition in Filothei and in the 2nd Outdoor Exposition of Modern Sculpture in the Conservatoire of Athens. He starts working in Ministry of Cultures in the field of classic antiquities conservation. He is also occupied with the monument conservation of Acropolis of Athens , Erechtheum, Theatre of Dionysus, Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

1979: He participates in the exposition entitled "The child in modern sculpture" in the hall of the Conservatoire of Athens.

1980: He is occupied with the collection "Mikroperivallon" ("Micro-environment"). This collection is influenced by the cycladic architecture of the agricultural houses [1].

1981: Participates in the "Dimitria" exposition in Thessaloniki, organized by the Panhellenic Cultural Movement. He makes the monument of "Eleftheria" in the town of Kos. He also exposes four works of his "Mikroperivallon" collection in the 5th International Biennalle of sculpture in Budapest. He set in charge of the transfer of statue of Hermes to Goulandris Museum of Andros.

1982: He exposes along S. Triantis and A. Fanakides four compositions in marble and iron in the "Antinor" art hall. In addition, he participates in the festival of Municipality of Ilioupoli. Two of his works compose the book cover of "Logotechniko Themelio" [2]. His work is presented in the Museum of Modern Arts of Ionas Vorres in the town of Peania. Lefteris Valakas died unexpectedly due to heart attack in November while hunting on the island of Tinos.


"Nike" monument in the island of Kos, Greece, Lefteris Valakas

One of the most notable works of Lefteris Valakas is the monument of "Nike" (Greek: Nίκη) on the island of Kos, Dodecanese. It is located in the capital of the island near the port.


1. ^ Tselalis, Y.A. (1983), Ta Kykladika Nea
2. ^ Logotechniko Themelio, Volume 1 (1982), Athens, Vivlia Gia Olous

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