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John Mavrocordatos (Greek: Ιωάννης Μαυροκορδάτος, Romanian: Ioan A. Mavrocordat), born in Constantinople on 23 July 1684 and dead in Bucharest on 23 November 1719, was caimacam of Moldavia (7 October 1711 – 16 November 1711) and Prince of Wallachia between 2 December 1716 and 6 March 1719. He was a member of the Mavrocordatos family.

Youngest son of Alexander Mavrocordatos, he was a faithful assistant to the political rise of his brother Nicholas Mavrocordatos. He replaced him as Grand Logothete of the Patriarchate of Constantinople and then to Grand Dragoman of the Sublime Porte from 1710 to 1717.

In 1711 with the simple title "Caimacam" he held the interregnum in Moldavia after Dimitrie Cantemir's flight and before his brother's restoration. He then replaced Nicholas Mavrocordatos on the throne of Wallachia, during his captivity in Austria, from November 1716 to February 1719.

John Mavrocordatos had married in 1709 Zaphira Guliano, with issue including:

Alexander (1710–1738)


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Preceded by
Lupu Costachi
Caimacam of Moldavia
7 October 1711 – 16 November 1711
Succeeded by
Nicholas Mavrocordatos
Preceded by
Nicholas Mavrocordatos
Prince/Voivode of Wallachia
2 December 1716 – 6 March 1719
Succeeded by
Nicholas Mavrocordatos

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