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Isavella Dara, in Greek: Ισαβέλλα Δaρa, (Isavela Dara), (Isabella Dara) , born in Greece in 1978 is a well known fashion model and former Miss Europe(1997) & Miss Hellas winner. She is of Greek (father) and French (mother) descent. Isavella comes from a family of artists. Her mother is a sculptor and her father a writer and director.


In 1997 the young 19 year old after being growned Miss Hellas in the Star Hellas Beauty Pageant, sponsored by ANT1, a few months later in Kiev, Ukraine she won the distinction for her country when she brough home the title of Miss Europe 1997, for the fourth time for Greece. The first time was by Aliki Diplarakou in 1930, the controversial win by Katerina Michalopoulou in 1991 and Marina Tsivtikidou in 1992 are the other three times. After the competition the 19 year old beauty was quoted as saying, "The competition was tough, but the support of the people at Antenna helped me a lot, even in Kiev".

Isavella is quite talented, aside from a modeling career, she also has moved into the field of acting and is active in the music scene. Being a pianist has help her writer her own music and is aspiring to be classical composer and conductor. She has a degree from the Athens Conservatory. She has also performed in Greek productions such as Life of 1500 Drachmas and The Musical Library of Lilian Voudouri.


During the 2004 Summer Olympics, the well-known model visited the Water Plaza fun park, one of the Olympic venues, which housed the sculpture The Olive: The Tree of Athens, where she and many other celeberties left their signatures. Other celebrities who left their "mark" on the sculpture were Laura Wilkinson, Olympic gold medal-winner in diving (10m) in 2000, Evander Holyfield, the four-time World Champion in Boxing, Janet Evans, a four-time Olympic champion in the sport of swimming, former Miss Europe 1992 Marina Tsintikidou and Greek fashion model/former Miss World 1996 Irene Skliva. Afterwards Isavella also visited the Pin Trading Center.

Job Appearances

  • Triumph International - Triumph Bra
  • Gala
  • Madame magazine
  • Maxim


  • Isavella was a ballet dancer
  • Her hobbies include painting and sports
  • Isavella won the 1998 Greek finale Elite Model Look contest


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