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Irene Skliva (Irini Skliva) in Greek: Ειρήνη Σκλήβα (born April 4, 1978) is an Athens native and former 1996 Miss World winner. After winning the Miss Hellas pageant she represented Greece in Bangalore, India during the Miss World contest in 1996. Afterwards the 18-year-old said she didn't QUITE believe it all real was real.

"I had the feeling it was just another rehearsal - in the rehearsals; in one rehearsal they'd used me as the mock winner".

After completing her year as Miss World, Irene returned to Greece where she pursued a great career in television and modeling, her face gracing the covers of numerious Greek magazines such as Diva and LipStick. She has participated in some of the world's largest fashion shows in Athens, Milan and Munich. She is currently being represented by Ace Models Agency. Measurements: Height: 1.77cm; Bust: 93; Waist: 63cm; Hips: 93cm".


In September 2002 she got married and in July 2003 had her 1st child, a daughter.

During the 2004 Summer Olympics, Irini, along with numerious other celebrities, left her signature on The Olive: The Tree of Athens, a sculptured olive tree located in the Water Plaza fun park which visitors flooded during the games, that represented the homecoming of the Olympics. A few other celebrities who signed their names to the sculpture were Laura Wilkinson, Olympic gold medal-winner in diving (10m) in 2000, Evander Holyfield, the four-time World Champion in Boxing, and Greek fashion model/actress Isavella Dara.


  • Miss World 1996
  • Speaks Enlgish
  • Was Married in September 2002
  • Had a daughter in July 2003
  • Total points overall in the Miss World event were 8.760, ranked 2nd

Marina Papaelia

Antigone Costanda


Ace Models Management

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