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Ioannis Ladas (Greek: Ιωάννης Λαδάς) (1920 - 16 October 2010) was a member of the Greek military junta of 1967–1974.

He was born and raised in the village of Dirahi, Arcadia.

In 1940, he graduated from the Hellenic Military Academy along with George Papadopoulos and Nikolaos Makarezos. He fought, as an officer, in the Greco-Italian War of 1940.

In 1967 as a colonel he was in charge of the Greek Military Police[1] stationed in Athens and ordered the arrest of several prominent politicians and military personnel not allied to the orchestrators of the coup d'état. He first served in the resulting regime as general secretary in the ministries of public order and tourism. Later, he was minister for the interior and for social services.[2]

On August 23, 1975 he was sentenced to life imprisonment by a special court set up for the trials of those involved in the dictatorship.

He died on October 16, 2010.[3]


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