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Ioakeim Martianos (Ιωακείμ Μαρτινιανός, 1875-1955), was a Greek Orthodox bishop and author.

Martianos was born in Moscopole, modern southern Albania, and later graduated at the Halki seminary in Istambul. Martianos was positioned at the following bishoprics:[1]

Berat: 1911-1924
Paramythia: 1924-1925
Nea Pelagonia (Ptolemaida): 1925-1942
Kilkis: 1942-1945.
Xanthi: 1945-1953.

Martianos also composed a voluminous treatise about his native town Moscopole.[2] This work has been described by various scholars as one of the best analysis of the town's mid 18th century desctruction,[3] although it concentrates on the Greek features of the town.[4]


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