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Giannis Valinakis (also Yannis Valinakis) is a Greek politician and university professor. He is the former Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. [1]

Valinakis was born in Athens in 1955. After graduating from the German School of Athens, he studied at the Athens Law School and University of Heidelberg's School of Political Science. Valinakis completed post-graduate studies in international politics, defense policy and international relations at the Sorbonne. He has worked as a researcher at Greek and foreign institutes. In 1992 he became a professor of international relations at the University of Athens. Valinakis was president of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), after serving as assistant director of research, director of research, and director general.

In May 2003, Valinakis was appointed New Democracy's out-of-parliament representative on the National Council for Foreign Policy.

In 2009, he made an official visit to the United States to attend events organized by the Greek-American community marking the 61st anniversary of the Dodecanese islands’ unification with Greece. [2]

Valinakis is married to Christina Haratsari, a lawyer. [3]

Published works

International Relations and Strategy (2001)
Greek Defence Strategy-Aims and Means (2000)
The Black Sea Region: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe (1999)
Vision and Action: A Foreign Policy for Greece (1998)
Greece's Security in the Post-Cold War Era (Ebenhausen, 1994)
The New European Security Architecture (1991)
International Negotiations" (1989)
Nuclear Strategy and European Security" (1984)


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