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Diodotus II was a Greco-Bactrian king, son of Diodotus I. [Source]

He is known for concluding a peace with the Parthians (Justin l.c.), in order to forestall the Seleucid reconquest of both Parthia and Bactria.

"Soon after, relieved by the death of Diodotus I, Arsaces made peace and concluded an alliance with his son, also by the name of Diodotus; some time later he fought against Seleucos who came to punish the rebels, but he prevailed: the Parthians celebrated this day as the one that marked the beginning of their freedom" (Justin, XLI,4 [1])

Around 223 BC, Diodotus II was killed by an usurper, Euthydemus I, founder of the Greco-Bactrian Euthydemid dynasty (Polyb. xi. 34, 2).

Preceded by:
Diodotus I.
Greco-Bactrian Ruler Succeeded by:
Euthydemus I

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