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Dimitris Nikolaidis (Greek: Δημήτρης Νικολαΐδης, 1922 in Asia Minor (now Turkey) – January 1993 in Athens, Greece) was a Greek actor.

Dimitris Nikolaidis

Dimitris Nikolaidis


He was born in 1922 in Asia Minor and died on January 1993. His journey of life began on a ship that headed from Constantinople (now Istanbul) to Piraeus, between them two youngsters, Eftalia and Nikos. His family that married between and moved to Greece to escape the Turkish raids. During his transfer trip, his father got sick.

They settled in Athens as the sickness did not said that it retreated (the problem was mainly genetis as from the father's organism that shook an enzyme, it cleand the blood without knowing that revived the body). He died shortly at Sotiria hospital from galloping pneumonia. Nine days earlier that Dimitris was born.

Fom his young age he loved sports even track and field. He was a good student which he was one of the 30 children that passed with scholarship from the Experimental School in Kolonaki where it was the greatest school in Athens on Skoufa(s) St(r).

During the enemy occupation he had work and power in resistance. Coon in 1942 ran the Art Theatre with a company that used students that included himself. It had a debut in 1944 with his student Alekos Solomos O Teleftaios Asprokorakas

He participated in Mrs Katerina's company in 1945 which he took part until 1949, he later went on with Vasilis Logothetidis with a play by Alekos Sakellarios. For four years, he played with other shows and in 1954 returned again to act with Logothetidis for a three years in films not only with as Logothetidis' character.

With is wife Souli Sabah. known between Ilia Livykou in Athens in her trip that Souli made in Egypt which she stayed (a year before she welcomed to the company) and a month later, recognized on September 15, 1955.

In film, he made his first movie The Girl From the Neighbourhood in 1954 with Smaroula Giouli, Giorgos Fountas, Orestis Makris, etc. He also played in international roles including America, America by Elia Kazan. He played in 80 movies.

In the summer of 1965, he played and directed his first theatrical play at the Minoa Theatre Mia Pentaras Niata (Μια Πεντάρας Νιάτα) by Pretenteris-Gialamas which was successful. That was his beginning. Without directing even several times played as an actor in theatrical play Oute gata oute zimia (No Cats, Not Even a Damage) by Alekos Sakellarios-Giannakopoulos Agapi mou Paliogria (Αγάπη Μου Παλιόγρια) with Paul Vassiliadis - Lakis Michailidis, etc.

His last role was in 1980 on stage in I erotiarides by Vasos Andrianos.

He took part with several stars including Ellie Lambeti, Tzeni Karezi, Lambros Konstantaras, Costas Voutsas, etc.

On the small screen even with his two buddies, from his great success are Ekeines kai Ego with Lambros Konstantaras. He still liked his friend and actor, a theatrical writer Kostas Pretenteris. They together appeared in O Thyroros which he made a Bulldozer.

In the film, he directed only a movie, a comedy I gynaika mou trellathike with Mairi Aroni and Lambros Konstantaras.

His wife was Souli Sabah (or Sambach) (b. 1931 in Cairo), an actress and director. They directed on YENED with a serial Ekeines ki ego with Lambros Konstantaras.

Year Film Transliteraion and translation Role
1954 The Girl From the Neighbourhood 'Το κορίτσι της γειτονιάς
To koritsi tis geitonias Didis
1959 Pos pernoun i pandremeni Πώς περνούν οι παντρεμένοι Sotos
1959 Na petheros na malama Να πεθερός να μάλαμα Menelaos
1960 Nights in Miramare Νύχτες στο Μιραμάρε
Nychtes sto Miramare director
1960 Egklima sta paraskinia Έγκλημα στα παρασκήνια -
1961 Ziteitai pseftis Ζητείται ψεύτης Panagis Dervissis
1961 Poia einai i Margarita Ποια είναι η Μαργαρίτα'
Who is Margarita Georges
1961 O palikaras Ο παλικαράς Detective X
1961 The Smart Bird Το έξυπνο πουλί
To exipno pouli Filotas
1961 Exo i kleftes Έξω οι κλέφτες
Get the Thieves Out Mr. Petsomenos
1961 Eftyhos trelathika Ευτυχώς τρελάθηκα a psychiatrist
1962 Zito i trela Ζήτω η τρέλα Leon Karfis
1963 Polytechnitis ki erimospitis Πολυτεχνίτης κι ερημοσπίτης Theodoros
1963 Chtypokardia sto thranio Χτυποκάρδια στο θρανίο a professor
1963 O Giannis ta 'kane thalassa Ο Γιάννης τα 'κανε θάλασσα a doctor
1964 I Will Make You Queen Θα σε κάνω βασίλισσα
Tha se kano vasilissa Nikos
1964 Prodossia Προδοσία -
1964 Despoinis diefthyntis Δεσποινίς διευθυντής Captain Gelebourdezos
1965 Gie mou gie mou Υιέ μου υιέ μου -
1966 Ispraktor 007 Εισπράκτωρ 007 Telis
Otan ta psaria vgikan sti steria Όταν τα ψάρια βγήκαν στη στεριά a dentist
1968 Kapetan fantis bastouni Καπετάν φάντης μπαστούνι Zissis
1968 O tzanabettis Ο τζαναμπέτης Savvas (Vavvas) Fotinos
1969 O paramythas Ο παραμυθάς a psychiatrist
1970 O pehnidiaris Ο παιχνιδιάρης Member Bastounas
1971 Efoplistis me to zori Εφοπλιστής με το ζόρι Manolis Karnezis
1972 I Rena einai offsaint Η Ρένα είναι οφσάιντ
Rena is Offside Antonis
1973 A Taste of Greece Γεύση από Ελλάδα
Gefsi apo Ellada -


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