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Daochos, Six generations monument



Aknonios, son of Aparos

Aknonios (lat. Acnonius), son of Aparos, Tetrarch of the Thessalians

2.09 m statue of Agias of Pharsalos, a Pancration champion, (probably not showing the real Agias as it was produced much later, after his death), marble copy of bronze original, c. 336 BC, Delphi Museum, Greece (his brother Telemachos also next to him). Part of a large monument. Probably most of the sculptures do not show the original athlete who is recognized by the inscription but are more ideal images of an athlete. Part of the Daochos monument at Delphi

Agias, son of Aknonios, Lysippos sculpture


Telemachus, son of Aknonios

Telemachos (lat. Telemachus), brother of Agias, and like him, according to the epigram, victor in a like number of contests, and famous because he laid low " the bravest of the Tyrseni."

Agelaos, son of Aknonios

Agelaos (lat. Agelaus), brother of Agias and Telemachos, praised as victor in a boys' race at Delphi

Daochos I (ruler of Thessaly) (lat. Daochus), son of Agias

Sisyphos I (lat. Sisyphus I) son of Daochos. He is glorified in the epigram as the warrior who, under Athena's special protection, never retreated before the enemy, and yet was never wounded in battle, from the very hour when he first put on his armour.

Daochos II (lat Daochus II) son of Sisyphos I and founder of the monument. The inscription says he dedicated the memorial to Lord Phoebus to honor his family.

Sisyphos II (lat. Sisyphus II), son of Daochus. He has no epigram, because he was a boy or ephebe.

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