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Christoforos Nezer (Greek: Χριστόφορος Νέζερ, Athens 1887 - Athens, 19 February 1970) was a Greek actor.

He was descended from the Bavarian Nezer family, who came to Greece with King Otto, and the cousin of actress Marika Nezer. He was a self-taught actor and played a leading role in the establishment of National Theatre of Greece.

Year Film Greek name and translation Role
1943 I thyella perase Η θύελλα πέρασε -
1956 O agapitikos tis voskopoulas Ο αγαπητικός της βοσκοπούλας Hronis
1956 Koritsi me ta paramythia Κορίτσι με τα παραμύθια (Girl with the Stories) Thomas
1957 O peirasmos Ο πειρασμός (The Temptation) -
1958 Mono gia mia nychta Μόνο για μια νύχτα (Only for One Night) Sirios
1958 Makria ap' ton kosmo Μακριά απ' τον κόσμο (Far Away From the World) Petros
1959 Ena nero kyra-Vangelio Ένα νερό κυρα-Βαγγελιώ Polykarpos
1960 Malamo Μαλάμω Giorgas
1960 Kassiani Κασσιανή -
1960 Plousioi horis lefta! Πλούσιοι χωρίς λεφτά! (Rich Without Money) -
1961 I Betty pandrevetai Η Μπέτυ παντρεύεται (Betty Is Getting Married) Periklis
1962 O loustrakos Ο λουστράκος Petros
1962 Lafina Λαφίνα Minas
1963 Anamesa se dio agapes Ανάμεσα σε δυο αγάπες (Between Two Lovers) -
1963 Lenio i voskopoula Λενιώ η βοσκοπούλα (Lenio the Shepherdess) Stamos
1963 Agapisa kai ponesa Αγάπησα και πόνεσα (I Have Loved and Have Been Hurt) -
1963 Pligomenes kardies Πληγωμένες καρδιές (Wounded Hearts) Dimosthenis
1964 I modistroula Η μοδιστρούλα Andreas
1964 Gamos ala Ellinika Γάμος αλά Ελληνικά (A Greek Wedding) a judge
1964 Zoi gemati pono Ζωή γεμάτη πόνο (Life Full of Pain) Periklis
1965 Kataigida Καταιγίδα (Storm) -
1967 An oles oi gynaikes tou kosmou... Αν όλες οι γυναίκες του κόσμου... (If All the Women of the World...) Vangelis Vayis
1970 I alli siopi Η άλλη σιωπή (The Other Silence) -

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