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Chris Antonopoulos[1] (born on 25 May 1974 in Dallas, Texas[2]) is Greek-American rock drummer, who played on Sabian Cymbals for Opiate for the Masses[3]


Antonopoulos joined the Los Angeles hard rock band Opiate for the Masses as a drummer in 2004.[4] Before this time he was a drummer for Vanilla Ice for three years.[5] In 2006, he toured with the Revolting Cocks.[6] On 21 August 2008, he played with Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal's (Guns N Roses) All Star Band at Rock Against Diabetes.[7] On 3 November 2008, he left Opiate for the Masses and joined the German bands Atrocity and Leaves' Eyes.[8] After his resigns on 27 March 2010 with Atrocity.[9]

Seven describes his approach to the drums as "the idea of putting on a show as well as having fun and playing.[10]
Member Of

Livan 2011- present
Atrocity (2008-2010)
Leaves' Eyes: (2008-2010)
Opiate for the Masses (2005-2008)
Vanilla Ice (2001-2004)
Hellafied Funk Crew (1996-2001)
Lone Star Trio (1993-1996)

with Lone Star Trio
Studio albums

21 Songs (1993)
Four Play (1995)

with Hellafied Funk Crew

1998 "Hellafied Funk Crew"

with V-Ice
Studio albums

2001 Bi-Polar

with Opiate for the Masses
Studio albums

The Spore (2005)
Manifesto (2008)


Jagermeister Music Tour (2006)
Taste of Christmas (2005)
Saw II soundtrack
Saw III soundtrack
The Best of Taste of Chaos
The Best of Taste of Chaos Two.

with Leaves' Eyes

Njord (2009)

Live Session Member Of

Revolting Cocks 2006–present

Personal life

Antonopoulos became fast friends with Ministry’s Al Jourgensen and is married to Anna Kjellberg who also played in his former band Opiate for the Masses.[11]

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