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Callipus of Athens, took part in the Olympic games in 322 BC. He bribed his competitors in the pentathlon to allow him to conquer and win the prize. But the fraud became known, and the Eleans condemned both Callippus and his competitors to pay a heavy fine. The Athenians, who considered the affair as a national one, sent Hyperides to petition the Eleans to desist from their demand. When the request was refused, the Athenians neither paid the fine nor did they frequent the Olympic games any longer, until at last the Delphic god declared that he would not give any oracle to the Athenians, unless they satisfied the demand of the Eleans. The fine was now paid, and the money was spent in erecting six statues to Zeus, with inscriptions by no means flattering to the Athenians. (Paus. 5. 21. 3.)

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